Sérénité’s Story

Incorporating facial cupping into her traditional acupuncture treatments had an immediate positive impact on her patients, who loved the results.

Sakina Di Pace created Sérénité in 2023 to promote skin health and longevity using natural beauty products and rituals as an alternative to invasive techniques like Botox and fillers.

Sakina, who is from France originally, has been practising acupuncture for the past decade in both the UK and the US.

Initially, she used facial cupping alongside needles to alleviate pain in patients with nerve conditions like peripheral neuropathy, as well as to stimulate muscle strength in cases of paralysis such as Bell's palsy. As she observed the benefits of facial cupping, Sakina decided to integrate it into her cosmetic acupuncture treatments, as she believed it could improve facial muscle tone.


When the 2020 lockdowns prevented her from seeing patients face-to-face, Sakina decided to share her expertise and knowledge online.

This led to the successful creation of her brand the Facial Cupping Expert, enabling her patients and people from all over the world to perform the treatment on themselves in the comfort of their own homes with the right facial cupping tools.

Now that the Facial Cupping Expert is running smoothly, Sakina has decided to extend her skill and knowledge sharing from facial cupping to other natural beauty rituals such as acupressure, facial dry brushing, and clay masking—while avoiding synthetic chemicals, acids, and other harsh and invasive techniques.

That’s how Sérénité was created.


If you’re curious about the origin of the name, “Sakina” means serenity (sérénité in French) in Persian culture and tradition. More specifically, it describes the feeling of peace we experience after prayer. In Persian music, "Sakina" is also used to describe a particular mode or melody that evokes feelings of peace and serenity in the listener.

The brand name Sérénité is intended to associate natural beauty rituals with feelings of tranquillity and serenity that they help to inspire.

Sérénité’s Philosophy

Here at Sérénité, we firmly believe that simplicity and consistency are the key components of a successful skincare routine.

Our natural beauty ritual begins with education, as we strive to make skincare accessible and sustainable for everyone.

Instead of advocating for expensive or complicated routines or products, we provide instructional workshops that equip you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to achieve healthy and radiant skin naturally.

We take great care in sourcing all our products to ensure they align with our organic, ethical, and eco-friendly ethos. Regular use of these thoughtfully curated products along with our recommended techniques will leave your skin feeling plumper and looking brighter than ever before.