Online Courses

We're thrilled to offer you our accredited online courses on facial dry brushing and facial rejuvenation acupressure, endorsed by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and internationally CPD (CE) accredited.

The Art of Facial Dry Brushing

Learn a new gentle morning ritual for the face that will leave your face healthier and smoother

Sakina Di Pace

*or free with the facial dry brushes

The Art of Facial Acupressure

Rejuvenate your face in 30 days with a facial acupressure prototol for the face that really works

Sakina Di Pace

* or half price with the Acupressure Pen

The Art of Needle Tapping

Unlock The Secrets Of Ancient Scalp And Brow Revitalization using a 7-star plum blossom hammer

Sakina Di Pace

*or free with the 7-star plum blossom hammer

The Art of Body Brushing

Elevate your mornings, promote skin vitality, and smooth cellulite naturally

Sakina Di Pace

*or free with any of the brushes & gloves

Online Courses From The Facial Cupping Expert

Embark on an enriching journey into the world of facial cupping through our exclusive partnership with the Facial Cupping Expert. Immerse yourself in two exceptional online courses, including "The Art of Facial Cupping" for beginners and the extensive "Facial Cupping Online Course for Professionals" that has a double accreditation.

The Art of Facial Cupping

Master the Facial Cupping Expert's 6 Step Protocol

The Facial Cupping Expert

*or free with the facial cupping starter kit

Facial Cupping for Professionals

Learn and become qualified to offer this amazing skin care technique to your clients today!

The Facial Cupping Expert

* International CPD/CE Certificate on Completion