CLAY MASKING A Time-Tested Beauty Ritual To Help Your Skin Look Its Best

What is Clay Masking?

Clay mask making is the process of creating facial masks out of clay. Clay masks have been used to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin for thousands of years.

They can be made using a variety of different kinds of clay, such as bentonite/montmorillonite, kaolin, and French green clay. Clay masks can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, dryness, and wrinkles.

They also help to reduce inflammation and redness. Clay masks work by absorbing excess oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin.

The clay particles act like a magnet, drawing dirt and oil out of the pores. They also have an exfoliating effect, removing dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

What is the Active Restore Clay Face Mask?

The Active Restore Clay Face Mask is the ultimate all-in-one face mask! Formulated by Sérénité, it is made up of a unique blend of eight active ingredients that work together to cleanse, purify, and revitalise skin.

The active ingredients are two different clays from Sardinia and Brittany. The six other ingredients— rose petal powder, sandalwood powder, rosehip powder, aloe vera, vitamin C and pure green tea extract— come together in a sublime formulation that will soothe and purify your complexion.

Ingredient Unique properties Benefits for the skin

Red clay (Montmorillonite red clay)

High concentration of iron oxide (hence the red colour)

Rich in trace elements

Improves skin’s elasticity

Stimulates blood vessels’ microcirculation and wakes up the skin (as a result, your skin might be slightly pink after using the mask, which is a sign that it’s working!)

Kaolin White Clay

Mild clay

Absorbs impurities without removing skin’s natural oils.

Soothes, smoothes and softens the skin

Reduces irritation

Restores skin’s natural balance

Vitamin C
(Ascorbic acid)

Most powerful antioxidant

Key anti-aging skincare ingredient

Boosts collagen production

Brightens and smoothes the skin

Protects against free radicals that break down collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging

Green tea extract
(Camellia sinensis leaf)

Rich in antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGC)

Rich in flavonoids

Protects the skin from inflammation, sun damage, and aging

Soothes the skin

Prevents redness

Boosts immune response in skin cells so they can better protect themselves from toxins

Rosehip Powder
(Rosa canina powder)

Extracted directly from the seeds of the wild rose plant, which contain a high concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients

Contains Vitamins C, E, A, and D

Penetrates deeply into skin layers

Fights inflammation

Refreshes the skin

Slows down signs of aging

Protects the skin from external stressors

Aloe Vera Powder (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf)

Composed of 75 active components (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) that fight diseases and promote health

Improves psoriasis, rashes, sunburn, and dryness

Encourages skin tissue regeneration

Rose Petal Powder (Rosa Centifolia Petal Powder)

Slightly coarse

High in antioxidants (polyphenols)

Rich in vitamins C, B, and K

Acts as a natural exfoliant and cleanser by removing dirt and excess oil from pores

Soothes skin irritation

Helps create smooth and flawless skin

Sandalwood Powder
(Santalum album powder)

Coagulates skin proteins

Possesses antiseptic properties

Protects the skin from breakouts and allergies

Creates small contractions in soft tissues to tighten the pores

Prevents pimples, acne and sores



Mix 1 tbsp. of the mask powder with spring water in a non-metallic bowl (e.g., enamel, pottery, wood, glass, or porcelain).


Use a wooden spoon to mix it into a smooth paste that is well-blended but not too thick. Apply this mixture to your face, neck, and décolletage with a natural facial brush or your fingers.


Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water using either a face cloth or your hands.


Finish up by applying a highly moisturising facial oil such as prickly pear seed oil. This routine will detoxify, nourish, and soften your skin while cleaning out any clogged pores!


The clays used for this unique blend are those of the highest quality. Every extraction is analyzed and inspected to meet all microbiological standards.

Montmorillonite Red Clay, Kaolin clay, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Rosa Canina Powder, Santalum Album Powder, Rosa Centifolia Petal Powder Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Ascorbic Acid.

  • Weight: 95g (enough for at least 10 masks)
  • Comes in a hermetically sealed pouch with a tutorial card.


If you're new to making clay masks, purchase the starter kit, which includes a wooden bowl and spoon made in the UK as well as a face brush. This way, you'll have all the tools required to get the most out of your mask!

Your Clay Mask Questions. Answered

So, you’ve heard about clay mask making, and you’ve got some questions—it’d be worrying if you didn’t!

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How often should I use the Active Restore Clay Face Mask?

For best results, the Active Restore Clay Face Mask should be used once or twice a week.

How long should I leave the Active Restore Clay Face Mask on?

Apply the mask to your face for 5 to 15 minutes, adjusting based on the room temperature. In warmer rooms, leave it on for less time. While on, the mask's eight active ingredients work together to detoxify, nourish, and soften your skin while deeply cleansing your pores. Remember, don't let the mask fully dry to prevent it from absorbing your skin's natural moisture.

Will the Active Restore Clay Face Mask dry out my Skin?

The Active Restore Clay Face Mask will leave your skin smooth and moisturised thanks to the combination of eight soothing active ingredients, especially the rose petal powder and aloe vera, which help to restore moisture levels. Just remember to remove the mask before it dries out completely, and follow up with a nourishing moisturizer or oil for best results.

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